Try It Collection
Try It Collection

Try It Collection

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When it comes to dummy nipples no size or shape is right or wrong because all babies are different. Babies have different preferences, different sucking techniques, and different mouth anatomy. Therefore the Bibs try it collection is perfect to find the right dummy fit for your baby. 

The collection contains:

Colour (round nipple in natural rubber latex)
De Lux (round nipple in silicone)
Couture (anatomical nipple in natural rubber latex)
Supreme (flat symmetrical nipple in silicone)

Colour: IVORY

Size 1: 0 to 6 months

100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free

Natural rubber teats and silicone 

The shield is made from Polypropylene (PP)

Designed and manufactured in Denmark for 30 years

Safety: All BIBS Dummies meet the Australian Safety Standard for soothers: AS2432-1991. They also conform with the Pacifier Safety requirements of European standard EN1400.

Please Note: BIBS dummies do not come with a cap or cover.